Are you Generation X, Y or Z?
Generation X
Generation X covers people who are born between the 1960's and 1980's, Generation X tend to use the Internet for more functional uses; For example, 26% of Generation X's go online for information about food and cooking, 61% use it for news, 65% use their PCs to manage photos and 53% email photos at least once per month. Generation X leads the way in Technology and are more likely to have the latest Technology such as HDTV's, Cameras and Computers.
Generation Y
Generation Y are born beween the 1980's and 2000, compared to the Generation X, Generation Y have grown up with Technology and use Technology for a different purposes than generation X. 85% of generation Y send and receive Text Messages while only 68% of Generation X does the same, Generation Y tend to use Facebook and mobiles more than Generation X, are you a Generation X or a Y.
Generation Z
Generation Z are the Teenagers of Today, Born after 2000, they are already getting moulded by the technology, with newer Technology coming out every day it's no wonder today's Teenagers pick up Technology a lot quicker. Unlike Generation X and Y where technology was starting or just growing, Generation Z can now meet new friends easily on line and learn all about the new Trends at the click of a button.
Why does this Matter?
The answer is that it doesn't, but we all have one thing in common, Technology. Technology shouldn't be expensive, whether you are starting a new business or not, Technology will help you to expand to every Generation, whether you need a website, computer repair services or even a new Computer Network for your Business, I can help you. My prices are affordable and my services are to the highest standard, get in touch today to get a quote and see if I can help you improve your computing experience.